Guest Blog

Obesity in the Disabled Community and What We Can Do About It

The CDC states that children and adults with mobility limitations and intellectual disabilities are at the gre... read more

Guest Blog

Co-Living Spaces for People with Disabilities and Mental Illnesses: A New Frontier in Affordable Housing?

People with disabilities, the elderly, and those with mental illnesses are more prone to loneliness and social isolation... read more

Jason's View

Moving Forward From Autism Awareness, Acceptance, Empowerment And Advocacy To Include Autistic Pride

April is Autism Awareness Month, and I am an Autistic person.  But I am not “autism.” No Autistic perso... read more

Jason's View

The Freedom To Vote: Ensuring Accessible Voting

From being turned away at the polls because of a developmental disability or trouble accessing a polling place while usi... read more

28 Mar 2021

Community Guidelines

Our Community Guidelines are designed to ensure a safe space for our Community users. read more

Art Expression Contest Entry Rules

Jason's Connection 2021 Art Expression Contest Entry Rules read more

27 Jan 2021

Guest Blog

Don't Forget About Us!

The realities of being an individual with a disability amidst the COVID-19 crisis have been harsh and unkind at times. read more

31 Dec 2020

Guest Blog

Stereotypes and Assumptions about Jobs for Autistic People

Our culture needs to get creative with creating jobs and workspaces, both remote and in-house, for people... read more

28 Feb 2018

Guest Blog

Three Biggest Caregiver Lies

As a dedicated caregiver to Tyler, I learned how to be brutally honest with everyone around us, while lying to myself.&n... read more

26 Jul 2017